Our beliefs:

  • We believe that children should have a safe and happy childhood.
  • We know that the best environment for the development of a child is the family-based environment.
  • We believe that parents should be encouraged to be responsible and caring to their children, but when this is not possible - children need to grow in a family environment, instead of children's institutions.
  • We, as parents, caring for abandoned and traumatized children, see very clearly that the effects of a life in a children's institution are devastating.


  • We are foster parents and we provide home, comfort, care, love and protection for children at risk, as we believe that every child should have a childhood.
  • We care and are responsible for the children, who reside with us.
  • We are empathetic and respect the history of the child and his or her family history.
  • We respect the right of the child to keep in touch with his or her biological parents or close relatives, whenever it is in their interest.
  • We want the public to know about what we do, because it's the only way to make people look towards children at risk and towards the difficulties that their families experience.
  • We take care of someone else's children in our own home, but they are Bulgarian children. We help them become integrated, adapt and become responsible citizens of our country.

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